VDS Design Studio specialises in magazine and publication production.

Our list of services include:

Magazine publishing

Design and layout of magazines, books and publications

Corporate identity


Marketing material


Copy writing

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Liesel van der Schyf – Creative Director

A creative and innovative mind allowed Liesel to enter the print industry some 17 years ago. After completing an apprenticeship with Raylene Design & Print, and with extensive design and print production experience in hand, Liesel joined Clive Stokoe – an advertising and print production specialist – as their chief designer. She created projects and advertising campaigns for Pleasure Foods Group, Microsoft as well as Sun City.

In 2002, Liesel founded VDS Design Studio, and enjoyed working on projects for a wide variety of clients such as Wimpy, Milky Lane, International Cricket Council, Microsoft, Private Label Promotion, and Juicy Lucy. In 2006, Liesel commenced a fruitful collaboration with TCB Group where she was the Creative Director of The Virtual Da Vinci Creative Room. Her magazine repertoire extended dramatically during this period, where she designed magazines and various print campaigns for companies such as Nationwide Airlines, South African Express Airways, 1Time Airlines, Milady’s, The Blue Train, Europa Art Shoes and Liberty Life, to name but a few.

Liesel’s skills are not just limited to design. Her vibrant photography and clever writing abilities have provided her with opportunities to capture the moment for various platforms from fashion, to food, portraits and interior shoots for clients such as The Blue Train.

Liesel’s focus shifted back full-time to the VDS Design Studio from 2009, where her passion for magazine design has allowed her to create a legacy of beauty in print. She is currently the Publisher and Managing Editor of Inspirations Magazine.